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SDMI Welcomes The DRC Group as a Corporate Member

August 21, 2014


SDMI is delighted to announce The DRC Group as SDMI’s newest Corporate Member. Corporate members of the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute’s Center for Business Preparedness consist of corporations, foundations, and individuals whose passions are aligned with our pursuit of the improvement of emergency management, business continuity, and community resiliency. These organizations and individuals provide the private support needed to sustain these programs and continue to assist our communities in being better prepared and more resilient when disaster strikes.

The DRC Group is among the leading disaster management groups in the United States providing emergency preparation, response, and recovery from major catastrophes. The primary mission of DRC is professional, honest, and immediate response to natural and man-made disasters throughout the world.

DRC has developed extensive experience and capabilities in emergency response and recovery over the last twelve years including, but not limited to: Disaster Management and Relief Services, Debris Management, Demolition, Marine Debris/Salvage/Recovery, Vehicle and Vessel Removal, Technical Assistance and Project Management, Temporary Housing, Workforce Housing and Life Support, Construction and Construction Management, Landfill Management, Civil, Heavy and Vertical Construction, and Oil Spill Response and Recovery.

Kristy Fuentes, Director of Sales and Marketing for The DRC Group, says her company is delighted to team up with SDMI. “The DRC Group is very excited to become a Corporate Member of the Stephenson Disaster Management Instiutte,” says Fuentes. ” We look forward to expanding our relationship with SDMI and building a strong, long-term partnership.”

Corporate Memberships make it possible for SDMI to research and develop current and relevant disaster knowledge, and to provide executive-level leadership education to the next generation of disaster managers, as well as business, volunteer, and government leaders. The memberships also ensure that SDMI will continue to be available to our University, state, and region as an international disaster resource center as we continuously improve disaster knowledge and education for our country.… Read the rest

SDMI Hosts Visitors from South American Universities

August 20, 2014

SDMI is currently hosting visitors from the  University Network of Latin America and Caribbean Risk Reducation and Disaster Emergency (REDULAC/RRD) sponsored by USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) to showcase Louisiana’s disaster and emergency management capabilities.

SDMI will introduce the South American delegation of professors, university administrators and USAID/OFDA LAC staff members to federal, state and local, including university-level, programs that are in place in Louisiana to help  better prevent, prepare for, and respond to disasters. The group will visit agencies and organizations responsible for disaster planning and response activities, and will discuss with university faculty and staff disaster- and resiliency -related programs that have been incorporated into the university curricula.

“SDMI is pleased to welcome USAID and the distinguished Latin American university delegation to LSU,” says Joseph Booth, Executive Director of SDMI. “We are happy to host their visit and exchange information and experiences regarding how universities can contribute to disaster resiliency and recovery. We are hopeful these new relationships can be continued into an ongoing dialogue, as well as joint engagements to develop and improve strategies to mitigate the effects of disasters.”

The REDULAC delegation will also visit with officials and faculty from Dillard University that was impacted by Hurricane Katrina to discuss continuity of operations and emergency management for institutions of higher learning and see the ongoing revitalization of post-Katrina New Orleans. During their visit to Baton Rouge, the group will see Lousiana State University programs that conduct  research and support disaster resiliency and response efforts.

Sidney Velado, Regional Advisor for the USAID- OFDA Office for Latin America and the Caribbean has great expectations for their visit to SDMI and Louisiana. “This  exchange will enrich professors from South Amecian universities, as  it will highlight the role of the academia in disaster risk reduction, knowledge generation through applied research, and partnerships with government, the private sector,  and first response agencies,” says Velado.… Read the rest

SDMI Announces Creation of Cyber Research Center and Hiring of Jeff Moulton

August 18, 2014


Today, Governor Bobby Jindal and LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander announced the creation of the LSU Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center, which will pursue major federal and commercial research projects in applied technology fields. Initially, the TTCRC will be funded in part by the State of Louisiana and LSU in a challenge grant configuration that provides $1 in state funding and $0.50 in LSU funding for each $10 in research funds the center attracts over the next three years.

Ultimately, the TTCRC will target raising $34.5 million over its initial three years, with $30 million coming from external federal and private sources and the remainder coming from the State of Louisiana ($3 million) and LSU ($1.5 million). Creation of the center, which will collaborate with the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute and other LSU research entities, is subject to a vote by the LSU Board of Supervisors.

The research center’s first director, Jeff Moulton, comes to LSU from the Georgia Tech Research Institute, where he served as director of program development for a 1,700-person entity that attracts more than $300 million in annual research and development contracts. Moulton will be charged with attracting major research contracts to LSU by leveraging the university’s unique strengths in such disciplines as supercomputing, cybersecurity and nanotechnology.

Governor Jindal said, “The Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center will help LSU attract tens of millions in new research funds while also resulting in new knowledge-based jobs in our state. This represents another great opportunity to leverage higher education partnerships to help create jobs in our state.”

Goals of the research partnership between the State of Louisiana and LSU are for the center to reach at least $10 million in research contracts by Jan. 1, 2016, and $30 million in research contracts by July 1, 2017.… Read the rest

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